Water Sanitation and Sewerage
We specialize and have experience of manufacturing varied range of products to suit the needs of Sewage Treatment Plant, Effluent Treatment Plant, Reverse Osmosis Plant and Chemical Process Industries. We can supply the product in different material of construction like FRP, GRP, PVC-FRP, PVDF, PP-FRP, HDPE ETC.
To list the products like
  • FRP/PVC Gas Dome, Gas Holder for Reactor
  • FRP Feed Box for WTP, ETP, STP
  • FRP Effluent Gutter, Launders
  • FRP Baffle Plates and Scum Collection Box
  • FRP Weir Plates
  • FRP Pressure Vessel for RO Plant and Pressure Filtration
  • FRP Bio Gas Header, Pipe for Anaerobic Digester
  • FRP, GRP, HDPE, PVC Piping and Fitting Network
  • FRP Lining on R.C.C. Concrete Surface and M.S Structure
  • LDPE Sheet Lining
  • PVC Angles and PVC Sheets
  • FRP Package UASB Reactor and STP Based on Aerobic, Anaerobic Technology suitable for Hotels, Resorts, Schools, Army Camps etc.

Areas of Expertise

  • Water Sanitation Facilities
  • Providing and installing Sewerage System
  • Water Sewerage Treatment Plant
  • Irrigation Piping Network